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Lessons You Can Learn From Stray Dogs

There are a lot of cute, harmless stray dogs in every corner of India. All they look for is some compassion & patting but sadly, all they get is a pretty rough life on the streets. Because they're so common, many of us barely stop to give them a second thought, rather a second look. Yes, we know we lead busy lives & we can't lose pace. But if we could just take out few minutes from our rushed life, we could learn the little lessons of life from these adorable & giving canine wonders.

1. Life is more beautiful when you share and care. Even though they never have enough to go around, they never hesitate to share what little they have with others.
2. Always be on the lookout for opportunities. These guys aren't survivors for nothing. They grab every single opportunity they see and make the most of what they have.
3. The importance of a nap. Got a problem you can't quite solve? Take a nap. Dog certified.

4. To enjoy time with your family. Family time is important, so a…